Ideas & Inspiration

With more than one person in your shoot, It's best to stay away from patterns & keep it more simple. Soft tones look beautiful together...You can do this with neutral & few colourful brights.

Think outside the box. Scalves, hats, flowers in the hair for girls, jewelry, personal items, objects with names on look great. Think about your home and where your pictures will go. maybe if you have red walls, for example, a wooly red blanket wrapped round the baby would look fab!

layers & textures are beautiful & create interest in photographs. Tweed, crochet, lace, hand knit items, ribbons, wool, ruffles etc. You can bring along outfit changes to create different looks and ideas.

Make sure you can move freely in your outfits, you want to feel happy & comfortable. Most people choose a more casual look, so jeans and neutral colours look fab! Don't worry about socks & shoes as you will be asked to take them off!

Keep it simple & meaningful. Props that mean something to you or a family member are great for photographs & gifts! It could belong to a grandparent, or been passed down in your family or a favourite toy.

Please feel free to email, text or ring me with any questions you may have. The only silly questions are the ones you do not ask!